Pilgrims: Wanderers with a Purpose

Photo: @gypsea_lust. Lauren Bullen wanders in the Sahara Desert

Those seeking an improved center of spirituality have historically embarked on pilgrimages. But, now, the true meaning of pilgrim can relate to anyone; religious or not. One inspiring world traveler is Lauren Bullen, known as @gypsea_lust on Instagram. 

Photo: @gypsea_lust. Magic at the Taj Mahal in India.

Traditionally, a pilgrimage is a journey taken to places where religious powers, knowledge, or experience are deemed heightened and easily accessible. In the earliest reference to a Hindu pilgrimage, around 1500 BCE, the word “wanderer” is praised and emphasized.  

gypsea_lust wanders in turkey
Photo: @gypsea_lust. Finding purpose in Turkey.

Activist and author, Mildred Lissette Norman, said, “a pilgrim is a wanderer with a purpose.” Pilgrims are individuals wandering to a higher state of living. They are more than mere passive tourists of life. It is the same as in the case of the American pilgrims who found themselves in search of a more peaceful future, according to their beliefs.

gypsea_lust explores great wall of China
Photo: @gypsea_lust. Discovering higher ground on the Great Wall of China.

If a pilgrimage is taken to find higher ground, deeper understanding, and better living, then aren’t we are all modern day pilgrims? The dictionary defines "Pilgrim" as a devotee or believer. They are those traversing life with a core conviction to the satiation of the thirst for change.

Photo: @lisa_harbertson_photo. Maty and Sydney explore Utah country.

In what do you believe? To what conviction do you wander?


At Rice Love, we wander to the improvement of humanity, the environment, and health. We wander relentlessly to the beat of love and unity of all. In Sanskrit, the word for pilgrimage is “tirtha,” which translates to “a crossing place,” meaning there is a choice to be made by each wayfaring roamer. Choose to what purpose you will wander; choose to wander with us, Rice Love.

gypsea_lust in Africa elephants
Photo: @gypsea_lust. African elephant fantasies.