America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day takes place on November 15th as part a national initiative from the nonprofit Keep America Beautiful. As advocates for recycling, this exciting day caught our attention. We want to help spread the word. You might be surprised at what we found out!

Let us give you the scoop. Over 2,000 events are taking place to celebrate this initiative. They are happening all over the country on November 15th! There is at least one event in almost every state. Various organizations like, Call 2 Recycle, and even corporations such as Verizon and Sony are hosting events and getting involved.

We checked out the America Recycles Day website to find an event near us on Oahu. Being way out on the island of Oahu, we didn’t expect to see one; but, to our surprise there is one! We found a recycling drive happening in Honolulu for e-waste, paper, and repurposed material. We’ll be going through our office to see if there is anything we can recycle through our local event. Search your zip code to find an event near you.

Image Source: America Recycles Day

If you can’t make it to an event, you can join over 67,000 people and make a pledge to improve your recycling habits! The pledge consists of picking something you will make an effort to recycle more often. The options include things like plastic bags, unwanted mail, and plastic bottles.

I’m taking the pledge for my daughter. I want to teach her how to take better care of the planet, better than I did. - Heather

If you can’t make to an event, and are not up for signing a pledge, there is one more simple and fun way you can get involved. Use social media to post a photo on America Recycles Day with “#KeepAmericaBeautiful.” Or, you can also adapt it to your particular state like, “#KeepHIbeautiful,” or country, “#KeepAustraliaBeautiful”.

At Rice Love, recycling is part of what we do everyday. Rice Love has a small eco-friendly carbon neutral headquarters in Hawaii. We proudly collect discarded burlap rice bags in India and repurpose them into beautiful totes and backpacks for all of you to enjoy.

Check out our gorgeous Upcycled Collection. And, join the Keep America Beautiful initiative to make recycling part of your everyday life to help keep America beautiful.