The Benefits of Gratitude

If you want to be healthier and happier, don’t look to gain more, but rather to appreciate what you already have. People who express gratitude are both physically and mentally healthier. Research shows people who keep a gratitude journal or take time to notice all the things they are thankful for sleep better, have stronger immune systems, and are better at experiencing and expressing compassion.

Gratitude has also been noted to combat the negative effects of mental illness. People who suffer from PTSD and neuromuscular disease who kept gratitude journals are known to experience a better mental state than their counterparts who don’t take the same time to recount the things they are thankful for.

Our relationships with others can also be deepened by expressing gratitude to them, as well as cultivating our own personal gratitude. Gratitude strengthens our empathy, compassion, and kindness, which leads to richer and more fulfilling personal relationships. People who experience more gratitude are more inclined to socialize with others.

The families we help here at Rice Love exemplify these principles of gratitude. Their strength in the face of hardship is an inspiration. The Kumari Family lost their glass welding shop in a heavy rainstorm. This shop was their livelihood, and now they depend on the 20 kilos of rice. In the midst of this hardship, the Kumari Family values and loves each other.

The Tummala Family is a prime example of gratitude. Even after the Tummala family lost their primary source of income, they look forward to using their 20 kilos of rice to help rebuild their lives.

You can see more of our families’ stories by clicking here.

To show gratitude to a loved one this holiday season, get them a Crossbody Henna Artwork Bag. The artwork on the bag represents the spirit of giving. While you give to them, you are also helping feed a family in need, and reaping the benefits of gratitude. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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