Sumalatha Allakonda Family #3165

In the quiet village of Motlapalli, the Kumar family faced the challenges of life with strength and resilience. Two years ago, the untimely demise of their father, Ramesh, left a void that was hard to fill. However, Sumalatha, the devoted mother, took on the responsibility of making ends meet. She worked tirelessly at a local grocery shop to provide for her two sons, Vivek, who was in 9th grade, and Sukumar, studying in the 7th class in a local government school.

Recently, a glimmer of hope arrived when Rice Love visited the village school. Recognizing the Kumar family's struggle, they offered a generous gift of 20 kilograms of fine rice. The support came at a crucial time, providing sustenance for about 20 days. Grateful for the gesture, the Kumar family expressed their heartfelt thanks to Rice Love, while quietly hoping for a little more – a month's supply that would ease their burden further. In the face of adversity, the simple act of charity became a beacon of light, strengthening the Kumar family's belief in the goodness of humanity.

- Sumalatha | Warangal, Telangana

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