Swapna Janne Family #3166

In the quiet village of Motlapalli, Bhikshapathi and Swapna toiled as agricultural laborers, their hands weathered by the seasons they spent working in the fields. Their son, Sidhu, a diligent 9th-grade student, and their daughter, Vaishnavi, in her first year of Intermediate, were the rays of hope in their hardworking parents' lives. The family faced challenges as work for Bhikshapathi and Swapna was seasonal, leaving them without employment for several months each year. Despite the hardships, their dreams rested on the shoulders of Sidhu and Vaishnavi, aspiring for a brighter future through education.

During one such challenging time, when they didn't have work, Rice Love stepped into their lives with a heartwarming gesture. Understanding the family's difficulties, they gifted 20 kilograms of good-quality rice to Bhikshapathi, Swapna, Sidhu, and Vaishnavi which will last for 20 days. This simple act of kindness not only filled their home with the aroma of fine rice but also filled their hearts with gratitude. The gift from Rice Love became a symbol of support during tough times, reinforcing the family's belief in the power of compassion and the hope for a better tomorrow through the education of their children.

- Swapna | Warangal, Telangana

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