Mahendra Chary Abhoju Family # 3164

In the old-fashioned village of Chandrapur, Shankara Chary Abhoju worked diligently as a driver, navigating the dirt roads with perfection. His wife, Jyothi, dedicated her days to creating a warm and nurturing home for their children. Their son, Mahendra Chary, was a bright and curious soul studying in 8th standard, while his younger sister, Sweety in 6th standard, enthusiastically pursued studies in the local government school.

One day, an unexpected twist of fate brought a glimmer of hope to their modest abode. The Rice Love company, known for its charitable acts, visited the humble government school attended by Shankara Chary and Sweety. Touched by the family's story, the company generously gifted them 20 kilograms of fine rice which will support them for at least 15 to 20 days. This simple act of kindness not only filled their home with the fragrance of gratitude but also became a symbol of community support during times of adversity. The Chary family, in their heartfelt appreciation, found solace in the unexpected generosity that helped lighten their burdens and strengthen their sense of community.

- Mahendra Chary | Warangal, Telangana

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