Kumar Miryala Family #3187

In the tranquil setting of a small village, Kumar diligently tends to his role as a shepherd, caring for animals day in and day out. Despite the demanding nature of his work, his annual income amounts to $600, highlighting the challenges faced by those engaged in traditional occupations. Kumar's wife, Vasantha, contributes to the family's income as a daily laborer in the fields, earning over $3 a day. However, her work is susceptible to the season's variability and the unpredictability of heavy rains, leading to inconsistent employment. Their shared dream centers around their son, who is currently pursuing his education in the 7th standard at the local village school, with the hope that he can break the cycle of their modest livelihoods and build a brighter future.

In a heartening development, the Rice Love organization visited their village, providing them with 20 kilograms of rice. This act of kindness not only eased the immediate burden of putting food on the table for a month enabling them to save $12 for his son's future, but also infused the family with a renewed sense of hope. As they face the uncertainties of their daily lives, the rice donation serves as a beacon, reminding them that even in their remote village, compassionate hearts are willing to extend a helping hand and contribute to the realization of their aspirations for a better future. The family is happy and grateful for the helping hands of the Rice Love donors.

- Kumar | Warangal, Telangana

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