Mallaiah Gandla Family #3188

In a small village, Mallaiah makes his living by selling a local snack called chiwda, a mixture of flattened rice and jaggery. Additionally, he peddles coconuts, though his daily earnings remain minimal due to the financial constraints of the villagers. Kumaramma, Mallaiah's wife, shoulders the responsibility of both the family's well-being and contributing to the income by selling plastic household items to the villagers. The family includes three children: Anji, working as a laborer, and Pawankalyan and Shailaja, who attend a government school since the family cannot afford the fees.

Despite their financial struggles, education remains a priority for Pawankalyan and Shailaja. Their hope for a brighter future receives unexpected support when Rice Love visits the school and generously provides each student's family with 20 kilograms of rice. The family expresses profound gratitude, acknowledging the significance of this gesture in alleviating their immediate concerns and reinforcing the sense of community support. The rice donation not only fills their kitchen for 15 to 20 days, it helps them save some money for the children's future education, but also symbolizes a collective effort to uplift families striving against financial hardships, offering a glimpse of hope for a better tomorrow.

- Mallaiah  | Warangal, Telangana

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