Ilaiah Pothugunti Family #3186

Ilaiah and Devika, residents of the small village of Motlapalle, sustain their livelihoods as agricultural laborers. Their work is tied to the seasons, and their income is heavily impacted by the unpredictable weather patterns, particularly the heavy rainfall that often befalls the village. The couple faces the challenge of earning minimal incomes during these seasons, as the weather dictates the opportunities for agricultural labor in their community.

Ilaiah and Devika, dedicated to securing a better future for their family, work tirelessly to support their children's education. Despite the challenges posed by seasonal incomes as agricultural laborers, they prioritize sending their son Krupakiran to 7th standard and their daughter Nireekshana to 10th standard, who resides in a hostel for her studies. The family's commitment to education reflects their aspirations for a brighter tomorrow for their children despite the financial constraints.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Rice Love extended a helping hand by providing the family with 20 kilograms of rice. This gesture not only alleviated their immediate concerns about food but also brought profound happiness and gratitude to Ilaiah and Devika's home. The generosity of Rice Love filled their pantry and they can have food for approximately one month saving some money of $12 for their daughter's education. It symbolized the community's support, reinforcing the idea that collective kindness can uplift families striving for a better life.

- Ilaiah | Warangal, Telangana

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