Ali Family #00154

We have 5 children. We are not from Telangana. We moved from a state called UP (Uttar Pradesh) for our living. Currently, I wake up early morning to go sell samosas to each of my clients bakeries and cafes. The profits needs to be distributed at the rate of 70% ratio to bakeries and 30% to sellers which is us. We make minimal profits but most of the profits are made by bakeries and cafes. We wish we are in the front to the customers, but we are being withheld so our business approach is only wholesale not retail. Rent for our house is approximately Rs 1500 i.e., $25 per month. Making samosas and be a wholesaler is something that I have always thought. But with your help, now I can start my own retail business. With the rice you gave, we are able to save money for this month and we will use that money to increase our retail business by introducing a glass box to sell directly to consumers. Hopefully, we will make more profits than what we are currently making. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a retailer than a wholesaler. Thank you for feeding our family. Thank you for making this purchase and making it possible.

- Md.Ali | Hyderabad, Telangana

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