Mohammad Family #00153

I prepare raw samosas for living. Samosa is a daily snack that almost 70% of the Indian population eat every day. It is commonly served in local small cafes with chai. Mostly, samosas are bought by daily wage workers who live on chai and samosa each day. Every day early morning before 6 am, I have to make sure that I deliver the raw samosas to a company and from there, the company fries the raw samosas and distributes it to local cafes and other markets. I make 250 dozens a day on average. If I make 1200 pieces of samosas, I get paid Rs 70 which is $1.5. Sometimes, it gets difficult if I get sick and am unable to make samosas that day then my family would starve. I have 5 kids, 2 sons and 3 daughters. I love them with all my heart. I wish I could give them more but this is what all I can give them. With the minimal money I make, I rarely spend money on groceries for a month. I never had a chance to do that. But with your help we are able to have rice for a month without any worries. Its one of the best gifts that we have ever received. Thank you for your help and we hope you help more families like us who struggle each day to make our living. Thank you Rice Love and thank you for your purchase.

- Kajah | Telangana

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