Devaraju & Arikola Family #00155

Before we talk about the family here, let me introduce you two different families. These are not 1 family but 2 different families living next to each other. Both families work as laborers, meaning they work for construction,cleaning or anything that comes in handy. They make Rs 4500 per month. When Rice Love team went to meet a family - Ravi Arikola, they received us with much warmth and love. However, Ms.Arikola was so happy that there is someone at the door to share their love with rice, she called her neighbor to be part of it too. When Rice Love team told her that it's going to be for one family, Ms.Arikola without any hesitation told the Rice Love team “that's not a problem at all, 20 kilos is too much for me and my family, I can share 10 kilos with Ms.Deva raju and her family”. We were thrilled to see how fast their instincts are to share and spread the love to people around us. We are so happy to share with you these families.

My name is Arikola and we are Ravi Arikola family. We are four members in family. My husband works as a laborer and we live upon our daily wages that we receive. We pay Rs 500 as a rent  for the small hut we live in. It's hard for us but we survive. Thank you for your purchase and the rice bag. With your purchase, we received this rice bag and this is the most precious gift we ever received. Thank you Rice Love and thanks to all who made this possible.

My name is P.Deva Raju and we are four members in family too. I am happy to be part of this. It was so unexpected that my friend/neighbor invited to share the love she received. I am thrilled to receive this rice from you. Thank you so much for this and will always remember your help. Thank you Rice Love and everyone who helped in making us receive this bag.

- Ravi/P.Deva | Hyderabad, Telangana

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