The Rice Love Difference: See the Proof

Here at Rice Love, we are inspired by the dreamers, the wanderers, the do-gooders, and all of the people who are striving to make a positive impact on the world. That’s why, when Rice Love was founded, it was founded on the principle of giving back and helping those in need.

We love seeing brands that give back - brands that take a casual, everyday occurence like buying a T-shirt or a pair of sunglasses and turn it into an opportunity to do some good and bring some more light into this world. But we have sometimes wondered, who were the people that were being helped? And we thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to see the faces and read the names and stories of the people we helped by buying that product?

That thought process is what motivated the idea to do things a little differently with Rice Love. We wanted our customers to be able to see the specific people whom their purchase helped to feed.

It is a beautiful thing when people want to help each other - it is a form of pure love and true connection with our fellow human beings. At Rice Love, we want to make that love a little more visible and that connection a little more tangible. That’s why, for every item that you purchase from Rice Love, you get to see the exact family or individual that your purchase helped to feed.

This is our promise to you, our customers, and to the families that you help. For as long as we are able, we will continue to share the photo and story of every family that is helped and foster that connection between souls.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of this great cause - to help end world hunger. There are 800 million people in the world who are undernourished. We are on our way to giving away 1 million kilos of rice by the year 2020 - just making a small dent in the massive hunger problem in the world - and, we could not do it without your loving and generous spirits.

If you haven’t recently, we invite you to check out the stories of the families that have been helped: See the Proof

Much love,

The Rice Love Team