Artist Feature: Kris Goto

Kris Goto is the artist behind the design of our much-loved Pineapple Crossbody Bag. This bag is unique because for every bag sold, we don't give rice in India. Instead, we give rice locally to the Hawaii Food Bank. Due to increased cost of living and low salaries, Hawaii is the state with the highest homelessness rate per capita in the country. We're so happy that we got to partner with such a talented local artist for this bag!

Kris was born and raised in Japan, lived in Hong Kong, New Zealand, and now Hawaii since 2006. According to her family, Kris has been creating art from the time she could first hold a pen! Her current style is inspired by life living in Hawaii from her own unique perspective - especially the playful aspects of this life. We love how her work captures the light and carefree lifestyle of the islands. 

Check out some of Kris Goto's fun and refreshing artwork on her Instagram: @kgotoart and her website:

All photos courtesy of @kgotoart

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