The Moms Behind Rice Love

Happy Mother's Day!

What a wonderful thing it is to have a day just for Mothers - they seriously deserve it! Here at Rice Love, we know that our entire business and mission would not be possible if it weren’t for two incredible mothers who stand behind it and support it day after day. So today, we wanted to make an extra-special shout out to the moms behind Rice Love!

Meg Thomander

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About 3 years ago, Meg Thomander bravely took the plunge into starting Rice Love with her husband, Corbin, and young family. It is Meg’s support for Rice Love, and its cause, that truly makes it all possible.

Last year, Meg and her husband, took her 8-year-old and 6-year-old out of school for 2.5 months to travel one-way around the world. Her kids learned a whole lot more by seeing the world than reading about it in school. The family slept in over 50 different spots from campervans, to hotels, to airbnbs. She figured out how to travel the world for close to free. In addition to spending almost all of her time raising two young children, Meg is passionate about art. She played an instrumental role in bringing the art program back to the local elementary school on Oahu, Hawaii. She now spends her days teaching 700 kids about art, contributing to Rice Love, and still makes time to surf or skate with her kids regularly after school. Meg, you inspire us!

Kurumi Pulla

We are amazed by Kurumi for taking the risk to start Rice Love with her husband, Coney. She spends most of her time raising two kids, Kea (5) and Kai (2). For moms, we know there can be a lot of pressure to give their kids the world, and on an unpredictable startup income, that can be hard to do. But, Kurumi keeps life simple. She is an incredible example of focusing on accumulating memories, instead of things.

Kurumi believes in the cause behind Rice Love so much that she is moved from her home country of Japan to India, where just buying groceries is an adventure. She is an expert at going with the flow, which makes raising a family in India possible. Thank you, Kurumi, for all that you do!


Mothers… we literally wouldn’t be here without them. And we know that Rice Love wouldn’t be here without these two.

We’d love to hear about the special women who have made things possible in your life! Tag us @ricelovebags on Instagram so we can check out your Mother’s Day posts, too!

Much love,

The Rice Love Team