3 Amazing Moms You've Probably Never Heard Of

Here at Rice Love, we’re all about giving. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to some of the people who give the most - Mothers.

We enjoy the blessing of meeting hundreds of amazing people as our team travels throughout their villages in India giving the rice from our customers’ donations. Below are just a few of the many inspiring women and mothers that we have met along the way.

Soundarya Ram

One of the many amazing women that our Rice Love team has had the honor of meeting while giving rice in India, Soundarya is a single mother who does everything for her teenage daughter. She works incredibly hard as a laborer, all for the sake of her daughter.

We are in awe of Soundarya’s love and dedication to her daughter. Thanks, Sundarya, for your beautiful example!

Rajitha Kodam

Rajitha is another one of the many special women that our Rice Love team had the pleasure of meeting. Even while her husband is unwell and unable to work, Rajitha stays optimistic with her beautiful smile and continues, day in and day out, to take care of her husband and her son.

Rajitha’s example of love and commitment is the reason why we celebrate mothers!

Chitti Tejovath

Chitti Tejovath has three small children that she raises all on her own - their future is the most important thing to her. She works hard, and she admits that she often feels tired, but she says, “when I look at my children, I forget everything”.

This kind of love cannot be matched. Chitti, we are honored to have met you!

- - -

To all our readers, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to show a little extra love and appreciation this week to the wonderful mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and friends in your life - they care, love, and give more than you know.

To Soundarya, Rajitha, Chitti, and all the mothers around the globe whose love and light makes this world go ‘round - we celebrate you, this week, and always!


Much love,

Amy Yarmak
Rice Love