7 Most Romantic Adventures in the World


Here at Rice Love, we love love, and we love adventure. Experiencing the world together can bring you closer to your loved ones; and adrenaline rushes are even better when shared. So grab your hiking boots, your favorite backpack, and that special someone, because here's our list of 7 of the most romantic adventures in the world:

Go Surfing in Bali 

Beautiful beaches and amazing sunsets - what more could you ask for? Catch a wave and catch some feelings on this perfect tropical adventure. 

Photo via Flickr user Tomasz

Explore Iceland

Explore incredible landscapes and hike glaciers by day; cuddle up by the fire at night. 

Photo via Flickr user Giuseppe Milo

Bungy Jump in New Zealand 

Nothing like a shared adrenaline rush to bring you closer to your significant other. Why not experience it in beautiful Queenstown, NZ - the adventure capital of the world?

Photo via Flickr user Herry Lawford

Go Zip-Lining over the Grand Canyon

Either the presence of your sweetheart, the magnificence of the Grand Canyon, or the thrill of the zip-line are bound to get your heart racing - probably a combination of the three.

Photo via Flickr user Les Haines

Watch the Northern Lights in Finland

Can you think of anything more mystical, more dreamy, or more romantic? What an exhilarating adventure to share with someone special. 

Photo via Flickr user French_Landscape_Photographer

Drive Scotland's North Coast 500

This one's for the road-trippers! With just over 500 miles of astounding coastal scenery, Scotland's North Coast 500 has been dubbed one of the most beautiful road trips in the world. Bet you know someone you'd like to take that road trip with. 

Photo via Flickr user Duncan Stephen

Hike Cinque Terre, Italy

Italy's Cinque Terre is the country's first national park. It includes five incredibly charming little villages and is undoubtedly one of the most romantic adventures to take with your partner as you both get lost in all the beauty and old-world charm.

Photo via Flickr user Fougerouse Anaud



Photo via @hannemann7


Anything can be a romantic adventure if you decide it is. Get out there and explore!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Much love,

The Rice Love Team