Vaishnavi Janagam Family #3087

Janagam Vaishnavi, a 19-year-old currently in her first year of pursuing a degree, introduces herself as part of a humble family. Her father, Sammaiah, works as a laborer, while her mother, Bharathi, is a homemaker. Vaishnavi has a younger brother named Varun, who aspires to join the army and serve the nation after completing his studies. Despite their financial limitations, Vaishnavi harbors a determined ambition to become a doctor and provide medical assistance to the underserved population in their village.

The family's income from her father's laborer job is inadequate to cover their daily expenses and education costs. Nevertheless, Vaishnavi remains resolute in her dedication to pursuing her dreams and achieving her goal of becoming a doctor. In their pursuit of a better future, the family is open to receiving assistance from donors.

A generous contribution from Rice Love, in the form of 25 kgs of fine rice, has provided a significant source of sustenance for their family of four for an entire month. The saved money for not buying the rice for a month is going to be used for Vaishnavi's education. The timely aid from Rice Love has deeply touched their hearts, and Vaishnavi expresses her sincere gratitude to both Rice Love and its organizers for their invaluable support during this challenging time.

- Vaishnavi | Warangal, Telangana

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