Mahender Badhusha Family #3086

My name is Badhusha Mahender, and I work as a tailor. I am 44 years old, and my wife, B. Padma, is a housewife. We have been blessed with a son and a daughter. Our younger son, Akshay, is 10 years old and is currently studying in the 5th grade at a government high school. Our elder daughter, Jyoshna, is in the 10th grade and is an exceptional student, even though she attends a government school. She aspires to become a doctor.

Unfortunately, my tailoring business has been negatively impacted by the availability of ready-made dresses, leading to a decline in customers seeking custom tailoring. This has caused significant financial challenges for our family, especially in providing a quality education for our daughter. We are determined to support her dream of becoming a doctor.

In the midst of these difficulties, Rice Love, a benevolent organization, extended their help by providing us with 25 kgs of fine rice. This generous contribution will help sustain us for an entire month. IThe support will help us save little amount for my daughter's education. We are immensely grateful to the organizers of Rice Love for their support and assistance during this challenging time. We continue to seek further assistance to ensure our daughter's education and our family's well-being.

- Mahender | Warangal, Telangana

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