Sujatha Paindla Family #3275

In the small village, young Sri Chandana, a 10-year-old in the 4th grade, and her elder sister Lasya, 13 years and in 7th grade, faced the challenges of life after their father Ramesh passed away due to health issues. Their mother, Sujatha, worked tirelessly as a farm laborer, earning a meager income with inconsistent work, struggling to provide for the family on her daily earnings of $3 or more. The burden was heavy, and dreams seemed distant until a ray of hope touched their lives.

One day, the local government school that Sri Chandana attended received a visit from Rice Love organization. The heartfelt gift of 20 kilograms of high-quality rice per family was not just a provision for sustenance but a beacon of support for dreams. This benevolent act filled their kitchen for a month and allowed the family to save $13 – a significant sum given their circumstances. The gift of rice not only nourished their bodies but also symbolized the collective care and encouragement from the community, fostering a brighter future for Sri Chandana and her family. Thanks to Rice Love, their journey became a story of resilience, community support, and the pursuit of dreams despite life's challenges.

- Sujatha | Warangal, Telangana

This 20 kilos of rice was given by YOU through the following 20 items:

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