Rajitha Gajula Family #3276

In the face of adversity, young Harshith, a 13-year-old in 7th grade, finds himself navigating the challenges of a broken family. His father, Srinivas, at 45 years old, left and abandoned them, leaving behind his mother, Rajitha, a 40-year-old farm laborer, and Eshwaramma, his 70-year-old grandmother. Rajitha toils in the fields every day, earning a meager daily wage of just $3 or more to provide for their basic needs.

Amidst the struggles, a moment of unexpected grace arrived when the Rice Love organization generously gifted 20 kilograms of fine rice to each student's family at Harshith's school. This benevolent gesture not only provided sustenance for a month but also allowed the family to save $13 – a significant relief for the household. The significance of this gesture, a big and unexpected gift, was initially met with disbelief by the family. However, gratitude soon replaced doubt as the reality of the organization's generosity sank in. The gift of rice from Rice Love not only filled their kitchen with sustenance but also filled their hearts with gratitude, providing a glimmer of hope in their challenging circumstances.

- Rajitha | Warangal, Telangana

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