Shaik Mohammed Ali Family #2779

I have been living in a hut since my childhood. I grew up seeing my father working all day long and getting provisions or the things needed at home. I always dreamt of being well settled and taking care of the family. It was in my school, when the compounder reached me and said your father had met with an accident. I rushed to the hospital hoping he would be fine and found him unconscious, then the doctor walked in to say “he’s gone“, my world fell apart and being an elder one in the family, I had to take the responsibility of my 3 sisters and 2 brothers and so, I had to drop out my school and start working. I have been working as a stone hammer and have taken care of my family and provided them with a better life. Yet, am a failed father as I had no more strength in my hands and back. I couldn’t give proper support to my daughters and sons. My elder son Ankhoos Bhi had to drop out the school and he started taking the same stone hammering work and has been taking care of the family now. By God's grace, he has done his 12th standard and still managing to do his graduation in distance. My second son Abdul Haleem is pursuing his 1st year of college and always falls ill. My daughter Rhuksana is in class 9 and is good with her studies. My last son Abdul Rehman is in class 3. I am thrilled to get 25 kilos of fine rice from Rice Love to our family which is profitable to our family to have food for 20 days and I get a chance to see my elder son relax from his heavy work for a few days. Thank you, Rice Love, May God be with you and your families.

- Shaik | Warangal, Telangana

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