Balaraju Janagani Family #2778

I am Balaraju. When I was at a young age, I have seen my father Toddy tapping and I found it fun. With Toddy tapping, my father couldn’t afford my education, so I dropped out my school and followed the same with my father. As it's only six months season, we get a very good benefit in selling the toddy. We charge $2 to $3 for 2 Litre toddy, the profit pretty much depends upon how much we sell in these six months. Post 6 months, no matter how hard we work, we get paid $2 - $3 per day and so I ask my wife Sajitha to help me at work to feed our family. She will be paid $2.5 per day, so the total income we get is $9+ per day only. The work available probably be 10 - 15 days in a month. All the hard work we do is only to take care of our kids Sanjana studying in 8th class and Anji in 6th class for their educational purpose. Thank you Rice Love for 25 kilos of fine rice. The rice will not only feed our family for about a month and also the money we gonna save is going to be kept in a fixed deposit in the name of my daughter for her future. We appreciate your good work and love for the poor.

Balaraju | Warangal, Telangana

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