Satish Kakkarla Family #3349


In the serene town of Metpally, little Vishwas eagerly immerses himself in first-grade studies at the local government school. His family's modest abode is filled with love and laughter, with his parents Satish, a diligent toddy tapper, who collects fermented drink on palm or coconut trees and sells, and Divya, who works tirelessly in the fields, ensuring their children's future is bright despite their daily struggles. Despite their meager income, their dreams for their children's education shine brightly, like guiding stars in the night sky.

Amidst the challenges of their daily lives, a moment of unexpected joy graces their humble home when Rice Love, similar to a guardian angel, extends a helping hand. With a heartfelt gift of 20 kilograms of fine rice per family, they not only fill their kitchen with sustenance for a month but also provide a ray of hope and relief. This generous gesture not only nourishes their bodies but also their spirits, allowing them to save $13, a treasure beyond measure. Overflowing with gratitude, Vishwas' family extends their sincerest thanks to Rice Love and its compassionate donors for their selfless act of kindness.

-  Satish | Warangal, Telangana

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