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Co-Founder Bios

Corbin Thomander Coney Pulla

Corbin Thomander

After working for 8 years at a non-profit, Thomander became disillusioned by the amount of inefficiencies and bureaucracy that impeded the organization’s success. He quit his job in order to co-found a purpose-driven brand with the goal to make a more significant impact on people. Corbin lives with his wife and two kids in Hawaii.

Coney Pulla

Pulla grew up in a family from the “untouchable” caste in India. As co-founder, he has broken free from the limitations of traditional mindsets. He is inspiring men, women, and youth in India to chart their own futures. He is proud of his brothers and sisters and his country. Coney is eager to help reduce poverty and increase prosperity in his country and around the world. Coney lives in India with his Japanese wife and two kids.




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