Saraswathi Godhela Family #2747

Hello, I am Saraswathi, and my younger son Saiteja is in class 8th. We are 6 in the family including my in-laws, 2 children, me, and my husband. My in-laws are suffering from blood pressure and diabetes. My husband and I go farming and discipline our children to study well, live healthy and happy. They make us proud when they come first in class! But the Outspread of coronavirus has turned our lives upside down! As we don’t have TV or smartphones, my kids started missing their lessons and we had a tough time when we tested positive for covid. We funded all our savings for our treatment and the money is exhausted. Lately, we started working overtime on the farm and so our elder son started to be a helping hand, but that made him divert from his study. So, we joined him in a government hostel nearby to get him focused on his career. All the fund we save is mostly going to my in-law's treatment. Just at the right time Rice Love team has visited us and gave us 25 kilos of fine rice which we never imagined eating. The rice will be enough for 20 days for us. The money we are saving and the rice bag would definitely boost our children's hearts to see us save a little amount for us that can be useful for us. Thank You! Rice love for your kindness towards us.

- Saraswathi | Warangal, Telangana

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