Krishna Vengala Family #2746

Namasthe, Rice Love and people who are part of it. My name is Krishna and I’m an auto driver. As I drive a rented auto after paying all my debts and bills will be left with $3 to $4 by end of the month. We are 4 in the family which includes me, my wife Rama, and my two children. My elder daughter Sai Meghana is in her college 2nd year. My son Ram Charan is in class 7th and is hospitalized due to Drug Allergy. Initially, he was hospitalized due to high fever and diarrhea with the drugs induced at the hospitals, now he is readmitted with drug allergy. My wife is a homemaker and barely knows anything. I am the sole trader of the family but I have been visiting the hospital now and then and spent all my savings on my son's treatment. Right in the time Rice Love has visited us and gave us 25 kilos of fine rice and I am more than happy to get some help in any way possible. The rice will be sufficient for a month. With this, my confidence boosted and helped me save a little more amount for my son's treatment. Thank you Rice Love for the wonderful help towards us. May God be with you and your team.

- Krishna | Warangal, Telangana

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