Saraiah Joruka #3135

Witnessing the challenging circumstances that Joruka Saraiah and his wife Laxmi are grappling with. Joruka's battle with leprosy has left him unable to engage in work, and regrettably, the lack of compassion from his neighbors and fellow villagers only deepens their difficulty. Despite these immense challenges, the couple's resilience shines through. They've been fortunate to raise three sons, all of whom are now married and starting their own families. Laxmi emerges as the steadfast pillar of their family, taking on the role of a laborer in nearby villages to ensure that her husband's needs are met and that they can navigate these trying times together.

In the midst of their struggles, a glimmer of hope enters their lives. The Rice Love organization extends a timely and invaluable contribution, offering the family a lifeline by donating 25 kilograms of rice. This act of kindness serves as a profound relief, lightening the burden of food for more than a month and also enabling them to set aside some money for his treatment. I had the privilege of witnessing their heartfelt gratitude as they expressed their appreciation to the donors of Rice Love. This compassionate assistance arrives as a beacon of hope in the midst of their challenging journey, providing a glimmer of light and solace during this difficult phase of their lives.

- Saraiah | Warangal, Telangana

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