Bhagyalaxmi Panjala #3136

Allow me to narrate my story, one filled with challenges and blessings. My name is Panjala Bhagyalaxmi, a woman of 45 years, and my journey has been a mix of struggles and moments of grace. Some time ago, my husband departed from our lives, leaving me with the responsibility of caring for our son and daughter. While my daughter now resides in a distant village with her husband, my son has stood by my side as a pillar of support throughout our trials.

Amid my own battles, joint pains have rendered me unable to engage in work, a reality that has added to our family's hardships. My son, who works as an agricultural laborer, shoulders the role of the family's primary breadwinner.

Our challenges multiplied when heavy rains wreaked havoc on our humble abode. Amid adversity, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of the Rice Love Organization. With generous hearts, they bestowed upon us a donation of 25 kilograms of fine rice. This invaluable gift has become the sustenance that will last our family for the next 40 days, ensuring that we can have a single meal each day and also making a way to save some funds for my medical needs.

Words cannot capture the depth of my gratitude for the Rice Love Organization and its compassionate members. Their gesture of kindness towards those less fortunate has not only filled our hearts with gratitude but has also provided a lifeline in our time of need.

- Bhagyalaxmi | Warangal, Telangana

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