Rohith Pitta Family #2943

I was in class 10th when I lost my father due to Kidney failure, from then I have decided to work hard and settle well so I can take care of my family. But, being in college am not eligible for any job and so depending on my mother Sridevi, she’s doing tailoring and helping me and my sister Sai Jhoshna study. She is being doing this from past 20 years and no clue how much she earns but, she ensures she pay almost $535 towards our educational fee. As you know, she can’t earn much on stitching so she takes money on loan and keeps paying them every now and then. I see her stitching for 12-18 hrs in a day without proper rest. My mother been thinking if someone can adopt me and my sister to support us for our education as we wanted to study well and help my mother. With Rice Love support, we have received 25 kilos of rice and that should definitely help my mother to save some money so she can pay our loans or may save to buy provisions for home. Thanks to Rice Love for rice and also I request you to please adopt at least my sister so she can study and reach her goals. 

- Rohith | Warangal, Telangana

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