Amaravathi Kolluri Family #2942

I was 5 when I lost my father. My mother raised me and my siblings, as we raised under the pity of my mother contractor to whom she was working as a daily laborer in his farm. We didn’t know the value of education as we came from a rural village, and so we didn’t get much educated and my mother got me married to Ashok when I was 18. Now am 34 and my husband is 40. In the first 2 years of our marriage everything was good between us, post that my husband gave up on his work and used to stay home and spend all his saving on drinking alcohol and roaming around all day come back home and misbehave with me and my family, he started abusing me mentally and physically, he crashed me so bad that I broke my hand. In the 4th year of our marriage, I gave birth to Ganesh. My husband never took care of us and I left my husband and starting working as a body massager in Nature Hospital and earn $6+ per month. I send my son to a government school near by as we can’t afford for paid schools living in the city. I pay $40 towards rent and the remaining $26 would be for other expenses like groceries and provisions. With the Rice Love 25 kilos of rice, I am able to save $17 which is a huge amount that we are saving for the first time and looking forward to use them for any better purpose to son’s future.

- Amaravathi | Warangal, Telangana

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