Ranjith Marenpally Family #3339


In the quaint village where the sun rises gently over the fields, young Pratista eagerly attends her 2nd-grade classes at the local government school, while her brother Jasmiya is an Anganwadi student. Their maternal grandmother Swarupa, with her loving embrace, ensures the children are well cared for in the absence of their parents. Meanwhile, their father Ranjith and mother Priyanka toil tirelessly as daily wage laborers in the fields, earning a meager wage of just over $3 each per day, often facing inconsistent work.

Their hearts overflowed with gratitude when the Rice Love organization graciously gifted 20 kilograms of fine rice to each student's family in the school. This generous act not only filled their kitchen for days but also provided a beacon of hope and relief, allowing them to save $13 amidst their struggles. With tears of thanks and hearts full of appreciation, they extend their sincerest gratitude to Rice Love for their compassionate gesture, knowing that in their darkest moments, kindness can light the way forward.

- Ranjith | Warangal, Telangana

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