Rama Koyyada #3139

I am Koyyada Rama, now in my 38th year of life. Recent times have cast a shadow upon our family. Unrelenting rains came knocking, leaving behind shattered walls and dampened spirits. Our house, a witness to our struggles and joys, bore the brunt of nature's anger. A week's worth of hard-earned income slipped through the cracks, bringing with it a week's worth of hardships. Our meager earnings, our lifeline, faced an unexpected turbulence.

In the midst of our struggle, a silver lining appeared in the form of Rice Love, an organization embodying compassion. Their gift of 25 kilograms of the finest rice carries with it a promise – a promise of nourishment for a month. This gesture carries the weight of more than just rice; it eases our financial burden and lets us set aside a little for our son's dreams. 

My son, Sarvan Kumar, with eyes fixed on the horizon of our family's needs, stands determined. His dreams of easing our load drive him to chase a private job, a pursuit that echoes his spirit and dedication. His determination is our pride, his ambition a beacon of hope.

To Rice Love, the words feel inadequate, but they are heartfelt – thank you. Your kindness has transformed our lives.  Your act of compassion has taught us that in unity, the strength to overcome adversity thrives.

- Rama | Warangal, Telangana

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