Pochaiah Ellandula #3140

I am Ellandula Pochaiah, a resident of the serene Pembarthy village, where life has etched its marks on me for 61 years. As I share a fragment of my journey, allow me to introduce my companion, Padma, aged 55, who carves her livelihood as a diligent sand worker. Together, we've weathered the tides of time, only to find ourselves grappling with the challenges it brings.

My days are now colored by the hues of joint pain.  My beloved wife Padma, driven by the strength that life imparts, heads out as a sand worker to contribute to our home. Amidst our trials, we find solace in our son Buchaiah, whose hands find purpose as an agricultural laborer.

Trouble came knocking when our haven bore the scars of heavy rains, leaving us in disarray. Our shelter, though partially damaged, stands as a testament to our resilience.

A beacon of hope arrived in the form of Rice Love, an organization that understands the echoes of need. Their gift of 25 kilograms of rice breathed life into our home, nourishing more than one month to our bodies, and allowing to keep aside $13. It alleviated our concerns and illuminated our path forward. Our gratitude, genuine and profound, spills over to Rice Love and its caring stewards.

With humility, my family acknowledges the profound impact of this gesture on our existence. We yearn for the ripple of Rice Love's benevolence to touch others, just as it touched us.

- Pochaiah | Warangal, Telangana

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