Raju Mothukuri Family #3352


In a quaint village nestled amidst green fields, Shira Tej, a lively 4-year-old, eagerly attends the Anganwadi school, where she learns and plays with other children her age. Her little sister, Keerthana, only 7 months old, fills their home with gurgles and laughter. Their parents, Raju and Swathi, work hard to provide for their family's needs. Raju runs a photostudio in the village, capturing precious moments for the community, while Swathi toils as a daily laborer in the fields, enduring long hours under the sun to make ends meet on a meager income of just over $3 a day.

One day Rice Love organization visited their village and gifted 20 kilograms of fine rice per family, it not only filled their kitchen with sustenance for a month but also bestowed upon them the ability to save $13. This act of compassion from Rice Love was not just about rice but nurturing their hopes and aspirations. They find moments of joy and comfort in the simple pleasures of family life. With hearts full of gratitude, they thank Rice Love for being the beacon of light in their journey, proving that kindness can truly transform lives.

- Raju | Warangal, Telangana

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