Raju Manchala #3156

My name is Manchala Raju, my wife Mounika, Your recent gift of 20 kilograms of fine rice has touched our lives in a profound way.

Our journey has been one of resilience and determination. Both of us, having faced financial constraints during our upbringing, attended government school until the 10th grade. Despite the lack of resources, we went on to work as daily wage laborers in agricultural lands and construction sites, where opportunities are available on a daily basis.

Our hard work sustains us, but it is not without challenges. Rainfall often disrupts our work, leaving us with no income and, consequently, no food. 

Your gift of rice is a beacon of hope and support in our journey.  These 25 kilograms of rice will alleviate the burden of meal worries during challenging times and provide us with a reliable source of nourishment.

The rice will nourish us physically and spiritually, empowering us to face each day with renewed strength. Your support provides us food for more than a month, we can save some money up to $13 which will be used for our future needs. It eases the strain of unpredictable work conditions and allows us to focus on our family's well-being.

Your generosity has deeply moved us. It's a reminder that in difficult times, there are compassionate souls who care about the struggles of others. Your gift has sparked hope and renewed our faith in the goodness of humanity.

- Raju | Warangal, Telangana

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