Kumaraswamy Marri #3155

My name is Marri Kumaraswamy, My wife, Padma, and I work as daily wage laborers in agricultural lands. Our work is available on a daily basis, presenting us with the challenge of finding consistent opportunities to sustain our family. The unpredictability of daily work often leaves us uncertain about our ability to provide for our basic needs. Your gift of rice is a beacon of hope in our journey. It signifies not just sustenance, but the kindness and support of individuals like you. These 25 kilograms of rice will ease our worries about where our next meal will come from and provide us with a reliable source of nourishment. The rice will form the foundation of our meals, nourishing us physically and spiritually. Your support will last for about a month to us providing food and allowing us to save some money for my children. It lightens the burden of daily job searches and enables us to focus on our family's well-being.

Your generosity has touched our hearts profoundly. It's a reminder that in challenging times, there are compassionate souls who care about the struggles of others.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for being a source of light in our lives. Your contribution of rice holds immense significance, and we are immensely grateful to Rice Love and Team for their compassion and support.

- Kumaraswamy | Warangal, Telangana

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