Narmada Vaddepalli Family #3368

In the heart of their village, amidst the sprawling fields where they toil day in and day out, Narmada and Saraiah's unwavering dedication to their work is matched only by their boundless love for their children, Jitender and Menaka. Despite the challenges they face as agricultural laborers, their dreams soar high, pinned on the aspirations of their children for a brighter future. With Jitender pursuing post-graduation and Menaka nearing the completion of her B.Tech degree, Narmada and Saraiah find solace in the belief that education will be the key to unlocking a world of opportunities for their beloved offspring.

Amidst the rhythm of their daily struggles, a beacon of kindness illuminates their humble abode as Rice Love graces their doorstep. With a gift of 20 kilograms of rice, Narmada and Saraiah's burdens are lightened, knowing that their family will be nourished for twenty days, allowing them to save a precious sum of $13 for the future. With tears of gratitude streaming down their weathered cheeks, they extend their heartfelt thanks to Rice Love and its compassionate donors, their voices echoing with the promise of hope and a better tomorrow for their cherished children.

- Narmada | Warangal, Telangana

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