Harim Shaik Family #2877

My wife Kamali Bhi and I work on a hill as stone hammer laborers. We are blessed with three kids. Begum, she studied till her 10th, as we are unable to afford her higher education, we got her married, and she is living with her in-laws now. My Son Ramzan, is not much interested in studies, though we keep him sending him to school, he skips and goes out with friends and spends all day. He sometimes goes to industries, works as manual labor, and uses that money in drinking toddy. Our last child Halima is studying 4th in class and is going well with her studies. We are planning to send her to a hostel so she will not be inspired by his sister and brother to skip from school or get diverted, but with my earnings, I can only afford for her education and not for her hostel fee. I was hoping to save some money to join her in the hostel asap. Now with Rice Love's help of 25 kilos of rice which is helping to save $17 to our savings. We can have food for about a month. We give thanks and remember Rice Love all our lives for good support and concern towards our poor families.

- Harim Shaik | Warangal, Telangana

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