Sravanthi Matteda Family #2878

Being an elder daughter, I had so many responsibilities in my family. I used to go to school, come back and take care of my little brother and sister. As we started growing, my responsibilities increased and I couldn’t manage to do my higher education but ensured to keep helping my siblings study well and get good jobs. Once they are well settled, they have abandoned me and my family and started living for themselves. Me and my husband Mohan have been working as agricultural laborers and supporting my son Manoj in his education. In the year 2020, rather than Covid fear, our lives have started to worry about our only son's future as we had a nightmare hitting us since then. While playing with his kite, he fell from the terrace and slipped on a current pole, and hurt his right hand, as we live away from the village, it took longer for us to reach the hospital and we had to remove his right hand completely. We had to bring loans, so we could help him get an artificial hand, but all our struggles went to vain as no such thing can be fixed as the hand has to be removed from the shoulder. He always wanted to be a Police Officer and he still thought to be one of them.  All our earnings now are going as an installment to the loan and have 0 savings. Now with the Rice Love is giving us 25 kilos of rice, we can eat for the next 40 days, so we can clear some debts. Thanks to Rice Love for helping us with our problems and difficulties. 

- Sravanthi | Warangal, Telangana

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