Goush Naravula Family #3332


In the quaint village of Metpally, young Dhaya embarked on her educational journey in the 3rd standard, while her elder sister Chinni diligently pursued her studies in the 7th standard at the local government school. Their brother, a compassionate Anganwadi worker, devoted his days to assisting the doctor, providing essential medicines, and counseling the impoverished villagers on health issues and vaccinations. Their parents, Goush and Anitha, worked tirelessly to sustain their family. Goush repaired cooking gas stoves, ensuring that households could cook efficiently at affordable prices, while Anitha sold needles, safety pins, and bangles to the villagers for a modest sum.

When Rice Love graced their village school with a generous donation of 20 kilograms of fine rice, it filled their kitchen for 20 days, easing their financial strain. This act of kindness not only provided sustenance but also allowed them to save $13. With hearts full of gratitude, Dhaya, Chinni, and their family extended their heartfelt thanks to Rice Love and its benevolent donors. Their faith in humanity was restored, and they embraced a newfound sense of hope, knowing that with such support, they could continue to strive for a brighter future filled with possibilities and opportunities.

- Goush | Warangal, Telangana

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