Sammaiah Avula Family #3333


In the bustling village of Metpally, young Vamshi eagerly attended the local government school, where he was learning and growing in the 3rd standard. Meanwhile, his brother Aravind served as an Anganwadi worker, dedicating his time to assisting the doctor, distributing medicines, and offering counsel to the less fortunate on health matters and vaccinations. Their parents, Sammaiah and Sunitha, earned a modest living by selling essentials like dry coconuts, flattened rice, and rangavalli powder, often shouting out their offerings at affordable rates to the villagers.

When Rice Love graced their village school with a generous donation of 20 kilograms of fine rice, it filled their kitchen for 25 days, providing sustenance and easing their financial burdens. This act of kindness allowed them to save $13, a significant relief for a family accustomed to minimal benefits from their hard work. With hearts full of gratitude, Vamshi, Aravind, and their family expressed their thanks to Rice Love and its compassionate donors. Their spirits uplifted, they embraced the hope that such gestures of generosity would continue to brighten their lives, enabling them to pursue their dreams with renewed vigor and optimism.

- Sammaiah | Warangal, Telangana

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