Why Rice?

Why do we choose to give rice for every item we sell? Happy you asked! From a Western perspective, it can be difficult to imagine how important rice is to Asia and the Pacific Islands. Westerners can easily get by without eating rice. But in Asia, this is not case.

Three of the worlds most populous nations are rice-based societies: China, India, and Indonesia. Thus, rice is a staple in the diet of half the world's population. In India, rice is eaten three times per day. For low income families, rice is the primary source of daily calories. These families are not bombarded by packaged foods and fast food, like exist in the developed world.

Food Security

Food security means having enough food to provide adequate nutrition for a healthy life, and it is a critical issue in the developing world. Imagine not knowing where your next meal would come from. This would surely add great stress and have an impact on many other aspects of your life.

Nearly half of the world's population depends on rice for survival, this is why we choose to give rice for every item that we sell. In many countries in Asia, rice accounts for more than 70% of human caloric intake. In Asia, rice is life. 

Cultural Significance 

Did you know that in several Asian languages, the words for "food" and "rice" are identical? In fact, in Chinese, a typical greeting that may be asked instead of "how are you" is "Have you had your rice today?".

According to legend in India, Japan, Burma and Bali, rice is considered to be a "gift of the gods". Rice is treated with reverence. In Japan, it is considered very important to not waste rice, and it is rude to leave any in your bowl. In India, rice is so significant that it is the first food that a new bride offers her husband, and it is the first food given to a newborn child. 

Providing Opportunities 

The amount of rice we provide lifts a tremendous burden from families who are strained in many way beyond financial. Most families dream of sending their children to private school in India, which is the beginning of the path out of poverty. Many families use the money they save to pay an admittance fee for one of their children to get into school, which provides hope for the future.

Buy a bag, feed a family. That's our motto. But by giving rice, you give more than just a meal. You give a sense of security, a sense of hope, and you take part in a significant aspect of the culture as well. 

Shop now and give back.