Plastic-Free July

We are halfway through the month of July; but did you know that it's Plastic Free July? This is a very important month to many people. This is an opportunity to help educate and show our fellow human beings the beauty of taking care of this beautiful home we have, called Earth! If this is new to you, you will see that it isn’t hard at all; and if you have been doing this for a while, hopefully this will serve as encouragement to display what you do to be an example for others. 

Did you know the whole life cycle of plastic is toxic? Not only to the environment, animals, climate but to humans as well. There are so many other options out there instead of single use plastics! Some of the easiest things to stop using, or stop collecting (as we seem to do when we go out to eat, or to go shopping)  plastic cups, plastic straws, plasticware, or even plastic bags. 

Let's do our best to not use plastic items! You might wonder how this is possible, or how easy this is to do.  Well it isn’t that hard at all. Here are a few cool alternatives that you can use instead of plastic.

Instead of getting plastic cups, or bottles to drink from carry a  reusable insulated water bottle. Most restaurants, and events will allow reusable insulated water bottles, and they are easy to refill. Just think about how many water bottles, plastic cups can be kept out of the ocean, and landfills!

Skip the straws! That’s another way we can help. Instead of getting straws you can skip the straw altogether. Yes, I know some people hate putting their mouth on a cup, and would rather use a straw. However, there are many other alternatives! Paper straws are a good option but some people are not fond of those, so I will make reference to the stainless steel straws which are cool, but very plain. There are also bamboo straws which is an awesome alternative, or my personal favorite glass straws. Those really catch people’s attention. I think I have had more people ask me about my glass straws and why I use them, and it becomes a great conversation piece as to why I avoid using plastics. I know skipping the straw when you live by the beaches really make the turtles smile, but not just them! It makes the whole Earth smile!

Do you ever end up with leftovers when you go out to eat? Or what about when you place to-go orders? Sometimes, it’s hard to prevent getting plastic-ware, or plastic containers. However, there are a couple things you can do to avoid the plastic items. Carry, some woodware, or utensils from home with you. Or carry food wraps, or stainless steel containers, or even mason jars to carry your left overs. (Did you know that most of your coffee shops will thank you for bringing in your own cup, or mason jar?) I actually had made a little pouch out of old material to hold my utensils, glass straws, and (bamboo) toothbrush that travels with me wherever I go.

Well, you might be asking, “How do you carry all of these items around?” The answer is quite simple. I use my rice bag from Rice Love! The Rice Bags are awesome, bags great from lightweight storage for things that matter the most to you! I carry mine just about everywhere, especially when going to the farmers market. Even when I go shopping whether it’s for clothes, groceries or more. I use my rice bag to carry the things I buy from the market,  my leftover food, or my water bottle, food wraps, and other various items that I may need while traveling around town, my state, or other countries! Don’t have a rice bag from Rice Love yet? Well, I recommend checking out the store and picking one out! Not only are the bags cruelty free, vegan, and eco-friendly; but they sport a unique design, and has an amazing story behind each bag! Not only can you help feed a family in need, but now you are ready to help our home, by cutting down on single use plastics! Let’s celebrate Plastic Free July together.


Jonathan Destouche