A Month to Say Thanks

Thank you

Rice Love has made a lot of progress towards its goals, recently! Last month, we launched our first brand video! Have you seen it? Most importantly we are hand delivering more rice than ever to families in need throughout India. To date, we have given over 10,000 kilos (22,000 lbs). We started Rice Love with the mission to help people and the planet, and it is thanks to each of you that this mission is a becoming a reality!

We are in awe of all the amazing people that have given of themselves to give to Rice Love.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this blog post is dedicated to everyone who has helped us out. 10,000 “thank yous” go to:

    1. Meg Thomander and Kurumi Pulla (our wives) for being amazing pillars of support as we have so many hours into Rice Love. For all your ideas, feedback, and love.
    2. Tay Steele (@tay_steele) for traveling with us to India to make our amazing video. Suresh for driving us all over Bangalore as we gave out rice. Ishita Malaviya (@surfishita) and Tushar Pathiyan (@2_sharp) for hosting us at The Shaka Surf Club (@theshakasurfclub) and showing us what it is like to surf the Arabian Sea. Heather Goodman (@hbgoodie), Lauren Beeston (@laurbeeston) and Katie Speed (@katiezspeed) for hiking on that chilly morning up a side of a mountain to shoot the video.
    3. Becca Vigoren for managing our Advocate Program, creating content, and enthusiastically (@beccavigoren) serving Rice Love customers.
    4. Dinesh, Mujeeb, and Vazeer for leading our production teams in India and Nepal.
    5. Clay, Dalton and Creighton for overseeing our order fulfillment. Jon for receiving our shipments and controlling quality. Erica for processing any orders that get returned.
    6. Our retailers for allowing our bags to take a break in your stores before they continue on their journey! For believing in Rice Love and the cause to end hunger.
    7. Photographers, artists, and creators for giving a personality to Rice Love. Every single one of you, whether you sent us photo or worked with us on an entire shoot, we love to see our bags traveling near and far with you. Thank you Sarah Querido (@sarahquerido), Kris Goto (@kgotoart), Andrea Hannemann (@earthyandy), Kelsie Carlson (@kelsiecarlson), Amber Mozo (@ambermozo), Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust), and so many more.
    8. Brand Advocates for getting the word out seems to be the hardest part of what we do and you all do it so well! Thank you for all your help in spreading the movement!
    9. Philip Pulla, Santosh, John, and the entire giving team for ensuring that every single bag of rice goes towards feeding a family in need. Thank you for taking the time to find families and deliver their rice.
    10. OUR AMAZING CUSTOMERS! Thank you for believing in us and our mission; for wearing your Rice Love products proudly, and most importantly; for feeding the families you fed.

As most of you know, we have a goal to give 1 million kilos of rice by the end of 2020. We have a long way to go, but we want to make sure that we stop along the way and acknowledge how far we have come. You are all such an integral part of our journey. We know that a simple thank you will never quite be enough, but we hope you know that we love you.

Much love,

Corbin Thomander, Co-founder
Coney Pulla, Co-founder