Vanaja Jogula Family #2883

We live in a village that has always looked for a male child since the day we conceive and sometimes abort the girl child. My in-laws have been expecting a male child, and thanks to the government for prohibiting gender revealing tests which helped me to save my girls. We have been planning for a male child and got three girl children, and now all are going to school. My husband is very upset about me that I didn’t give him a male child and barely talk to me. He doesn’t speak to my girls and never does anything for them, so I had to start working as a daily wager and sending my girls to a government school and can provide them one meal a day, whereas the other meal, they can eat at their school as a part of mid-day meal scheme. Thanks to Rice Love for giving us 25 kilos of rice and helping me provide food for my girls for the next 40 days, three times a day. I can even save some money for my daughters' needs. I am speechless on what more I can say to thank you enough. I am so thankful to you Rice Love team, and the donors for having in our lives.

- Vanaja | Warangal, Telangana

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