Swapna Kudthala Family #2740

Hi, my name is Swapna and this is my son Ruthvik who is 3 yrs old. Me and my husband Raju work in a hospital “ Nature Cure “, here we treat by giving body massage for customers who have body pains, arthritis, skin infections, diabetes or blood pressure or so. The treatment is all about giving a body massage, according to the pressure points. Our pay depends on how many people we massage in a day, we are earning up to $80 to $100 per month, out of which $48 is for house rent, with remaining we are paying my daughter's school fees, groceries, and utilities. Because of the pandemic, no customers are visiting and we aren’t getting any income. Despite going to our customers home and helping them, we aren’t getting any minimum payment for our services and we are into a financial crisis. As it’s the only source of income for our family we got helpless. Rice love has reached us right in our hard times and gave us this 25 kilos of rice now we can eat this rice for the next 40 days. We can save a little amount now so we can use it for my daughter's education. Thanks a Ton, Rice Love and the families who supported Rice Love with your purchase.

Swapna| Warangal, Telangana

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