Subba Rao Cherukuri Family #1640

Hi, I am Subba Rao Cherukuri and this is my family. This is my wife Mary and our granddaughter Sandhya. I am working as a laborer and my income is $4+ per day. My wife is working as a servant maid and she does all sorts of work like cleaning the dishes, washing, sweeping, etc. Our granddaughter attends Government School. It is sad to say that our daughter-in-law left the family after giving birth to three daughters. As there is no one to take care, we are looking after the granddaughters. In India, everyone wants sons to inherit and carry the family name. When it is God's gift, we cannot reject the daughters. In this modern age, people are still lacking behind and their thoughts still prevail. We have a burden of raising the granddaughters, giving them good education and perform marriages. But God is great, where he sent us Rice Love to our family by donating 25 kilos of fine rice. It is extremely a good charity work they are doing. The rice will come 20 days to us and we will make sure to save the money on our granddaughters' name. We hope to get more help from Rice Love. We thank Rice Love and all those who made this possible. 

- Subba Rao | Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh

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