Srinivas Kotagiri Family #3295

In the quaint village where the sun strokes the fields, Srinivas and Jayasree, diligent farm laborers, work tirelessly for their family. Their dreams revolve around their children, Harshavardhan, an 11-year-old in 5th class, and Harshitha, a 13-year-old in 9th class, both attending the local government school. With hearts full of hope, Srinivas and Jayasree aspire for their children to grow strong, gain knowledge, and embrace a bright future.

A transformative moment graced the village school when a ray of hope named Rice Love entered their lives. The organization brought not only 20 kilograms of good-quality rice to the student's families but also a sense of relief and joy. This benevolent gift allowed Srinivas and Jayasree to save a little, $13 to be precise, easing their financial burden. Overwhelmed with gratitude, their home echoed with thanks to Rice Love, a symbol of compassion and community support. In the simple act of sharing rice, the organization illuminated the path towards a brighter future for Harshavardhan, Harshitha, and their family.

- Srinivas | Warangal, Telangana

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