Satish Gaddam Family #3241

In the heart of the bustling Food Corporation of India, Sathish donned the role of a Hamali, loading and unloading bags with precision, ensuring each found its rightful place. His wife, Rama Devi, echoed his laborer's spirit as a farm daily wage worker, both striving for their modest daily wages. Their children, Anirudh and Rudrakshi, were dedicated to their studies despite the financial constraints. Anirudh attended the local government school in 8th grade in Motlapally, while Rudrakshi pursued her education in a hostel in 8th grade in the nearby village of Paidipally, navigating the challenging path of academics.

In the midst of their daily struggles, a ray of hope descended upon the family in the form of a generous gift from Rice Love. Twenty kilograms of fine rice, a gesture that went beyond sustenance, filled their kitchen for a month. As Anirudh excitedly received the bag, his uncle accompanied him, witnessing not just the physical weight of the rice but the emotional weight lifted off their shoulders. This act of compassion from Rice Love not only replenished their pantry but also filled the hearts of the family with profound gratitude, reminding them that kindness could be a beacon of light during their laborer's journey.

- Satish | Warangal, Telangana

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